First 30 Days of 90 Day Challenge

Hey there, how are you? So, the first 30 days of my wardrobe challenge have passed and I have not failed or cheated yet! I have not worn any dress, jeans, top or jacket more than once this month; and I am so happy about it.

It has been a lot of fun, not as frustrating as I thought and it has defiantly made me wear items I don't normally wear or have not worn in the longest. Some have been in my closet for years like the Paris shirt in day two.

I have also noticed that I have patterns when it comes to wearing colors. I am sure you will notice that. I tend to wear similar colors or items during the same week. I wore dresses a lot at the beginning and then  transitioned into items that were beiges, greens, grays and black for the most part. Do you have similar habits to this? I would like to know, I had no clue I did. But now that I think about it, this has been something I do very often. Now that I am aware of this I want to to see if I can be a bit more creative and change this, we'll see.

I know this challenge will be harder this month and definitely the last month but I am excited to continue and look forward to see how creative I can get with my wardrobe towards the end of this challenge. I haven't bought a lot of clothes lately, thats one of the reasons why I have not posted them here so much but I think I want to start updating my daily outfits on here and share them in real time or maybe the next with you. But that's still something I will try to figure out. I have lots of pictures from this month and I do want to share them with you here so you will be seeing some of the outfits posted today in later posts. Also, today I took what I want to believe was a step forward towards something that I have been wanting to do for years and this will take a lot of time from my day every day for the next year or two maybe even longer if everything runs the way I want it to. So if it happens (please cross your fingers for me, I'm crossing mine) I don't know if I will be able to update the blog daily, but I am not going anywhere I plan to continue to be here as usual lately at least two days a week.

Anyways, let me know which are your favorite outfits from below. Also, please please please let me know if you are doing this challenge too. I would love to know about your experience, if you are struggling or if its super easy for you, if you are noticing your habits or just whatever you are finding out about your style or yourself during this 90 day journey, I would love to hear all about it.

In the mean time these are 30 first days of my 90 day challenge, I dress very casually on the daily.