Roperito Boutique x Gemini: What do you do to stay healthy?

Roperito Boutique x Gemini: What do you do to stay healthy?
Roperito Boutique

Hey there, 

What do you do to say active and healthy? Share your tips, tricks and habits below I would love to know. 

Today I want to not only share my outfit with you but also talk a little about a few of the things I do to try to stay healthy.

The truth is that I have a major sweet tooth, I love all things sweet and because of this I have to stay active. I try to workout three to four times a week but when I can't for one reason or another I shoot for two, no less than that because otherwise I get lazy and loose my routine.

The key for maintaining a routine is consistency and commitment. Sometimes I don't want to go work out specially because I only work out really early (5 am) or pretty late (10pm) but I try to stay committed because I have felt a huge difference in the way my body feels since starting and sticking to this new habit.

The other thing I do is I try to eat healthy more often than not. I do eat out often and sometimes unhealthy things but I never overdo it. It is very important to me to eat everything with moderation. I never diet because I don't believe in diets. Plus I don't think I can do them, I have never really tried because I know that I cannot stay away from sweets, I don't eat them in excess but I can not live without them.

I love fruits and vegetable, these I am eating all of the time! I eat small portions but I am eating all day when I am not on the go and its usually lots of fruits.

 I stay away from foods with a lot of oil and sodas. These are things that become habits if you commit to them for a while. As I was growing up my mom stopped buying sodas and juices because the doctor recommended it, so since then it became a habit to have aguas frescas (water flavored with fruits) or iced teas and I stopped caring for sodas ever since.

I think that the most essential thing to living a healthy life is not overdoing anything or obsessing with any one thing whether is working out, dieting or eating very unhealthy. I think the best thing is to live a balanced life where you can have a little of everything but everything with moderation. The other very important factor in living a healthy life is knowing your body very well. 



The Outfit

Lets talk about this outfit... I love love love this leggings, they are high waisted, not see through (you know in the areas where its not supposed to be) and they are super comfy. I feel sexy with them, something different to me when it comes to workout leggings because I more than anything look for them to be practical. To be honest when I work out my main concern when looking for workout pants is that they won't be see through when I squat these passed the test! 

The sports bra is from Victoria's secret, I like this one a lot specially the color. For some reason I really like pink but I hardly ever wear it in clothes, this one I had to have. I also really like the hoodie because it is light weight and very stretchy it makes working out with it a lot easier.

What do you look for when buying workout clothes? Does a cute outfit motivate you to workout?



The Outfit

Hoodie: Bebe Sport

Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret

Pants: Roperito Boutique

Shoes: DC (Different colors Here, Here, and Here)






P.S. Its not a real tattoo it was a temporary tattoo for halloween that lasted longer than expected.