A Gemini's Lookbook
A Gemini's Lookbook


A little about me 


Hello there,

My name is Yerenid,I live in Orange County California and have worked in the fashion industry in one way or another since I was 16 years old. I own a small business (will talk about it through out different posts). This blog is something I wanted to do for several years now (somewhere around 6 years). Long time, I know! But here I am now and as the title gives it out, it will mainly be emphasized in outfits and fashion related topics; although,without discarding other topics as this is a personal blog.

I want to focus in personal style and fashion related topics because for me what I wear on a day to day basis has such a huge impact on how I feel and how I tackle my day (having a productive day is very important to me). Fashion and personal style is not only about going shopping, wearing new things or looking pretty for me; its about that feeling of empowerment I get when I am wearing the right outfit. I don't know if you can relate but there is something about wearing the appropriate shirt or jeans or shoes or lipstick or all of those together on a particular day that just gives you that feeling of being able to take over the world. Do you know what I mean? 

Its this really nice sensation, a small boost of confidence, a little more motivation, that little extra kick you get with the right outfit. It just allows you to take that extra step each and every day to accomplish your goals in an easier and more comfortable manner. 

To me that is what fashion is about. 

And I am not saying that is the only thing fashion is about, but for me the most powerful aspect of fashion/beauty is the feeling I get when I wear something I am comfortable in (even if its not the most comfortable thing  if you know what I mean. I tend not to wear or use things that are uncomfortable but beauty hurts at times lol ).

    A few details about me, I love cheese, chocolate and the beach.