Furry Sweaters For Winter

Fuzzy Sweaters

Hey there, 

So todays topic is "Fuzzy Sweaters". The truth is that I had been eyeing these kind of furry sweaters for a while but the weather here in So Cal did not permit wearing one of these. It finally cooled down a bit and I got to wear this sweater to a meeting.

Honestly if I wouldn't be doing my 90 day challenge (if you want to find out about it click here) I would be wearing it over and over again, but I gotta stick to the challenge. As of today, this is the only one I have but maybe I'll get more soon I was searching online for the link to this one and came across a couple more I like, I will show them to you below.


A little about the jeans...

If you are into high waited jeans, OMG these are awesome. They are by Celebrity Pink. I wear Celebrity Pink Jeans a lot because we sell them at work, they are not sponsoring me or anything I just have easy access to them and get to try a lot of their styles so I choose the ones I like the most. Just wanted to disclose that before I continue. Anyways Celebrity Pink has been coming out with super/ultra high waisted skinny jeans that I absolutely love because sometimes I want to wear crop tops but don't want to show my midriff and these are perfect. I am pretty sure you can find them at Macy's. We haven't uploaded these online at work because they always sell out as soon as we bring them in our location so we never get a chance to put them online. Anyways, if you are looking for some that are super high waisted, stretchy, and super comfortable these pretty cool.


Outfit Details:

Fuzzy Sweater: Forever 21 (Sorry couldn't find the link for the exact one I bought it in stores but checkout the ones below)

Jeans: Celebrity Pink 

Booties: Steve Madden



Fuzzy Sweaters Options I really Like