Gemini X Roperito Boutique Swim Edition

One piece bathing suits have been trending since before last summer and even though I tried many of them, this green one is the first one I own and love.  

I love every single detail it has,  from the mesh details by the leg and armholes to the zipper, racer back shape and I can not forget the high rise cut. 

What makes this one different than the rest? One of the most important things is definitely the fit and cut. Unlike many other one pieces I tried , this one wasn’t loose around my waist which is one of the problems I encounter more often than not. If that’s not a problem than one piece bathing suits usually fit to tight around my hips. Since this one has a high rise cut that wasn’t a problem either. 

I think what makes this bathing suit different for me is that it’s a very unique color, fits like a glove, it’s not too revealing but it has a subtle sexiness to it. It can be worn to any type of water event, wether it’s a family pool party, the beach or a club pool party like the ones in Las Vegas or simply to go for a swim. 

If you like this bathing suit I’ll have the direct link below. Also, I have other bathing suit posts coming up, I know summer is almost ending but I just found them and love them. They are perfect for vacation or if you live in California or a place with similar weather you can almost wear a bathing suit all year round. Stay tuned for them! 

Corona Del Mar
Green One Piece Bathing Suit
Gemini's Lookbook
Corona Del Mar California
Forever 21 Bathing Suit
Forest Green One Piece
One Piece Bathing Suit

Outfit Details 

Bayhing suit: Roperito Boutique