History of a yellow lace top

Do you ever think about the memories you have created while wearing a particular pice of clothing. We often remember what we wore on a special event like a birthday or wedding, but do you ever stop to think about the memories you have tied to a piece you wear on an ordinary day?

Well I was going to make a quick OOTD post with these photos but as I am looking at them I can't help but think about two things that have happened while I was wearing this top. Both while trying to shoot and both on different days. One was very unpleasant, okay both kind of were haha but one was funny and kind of embarrassing. I was walking towards the pier in San Diego and as soon as I cross the street I felt something odd with my wedges. I kept walking we were in a hurry because my brother and I had to pick up my dad at home and then drive to LAX to pick up my grandparents visiting from Mexico. One of my wedges just got heavier and heavier with each step I took. I didn't take more than five steps before I noticed the sole/platform had unglued almost completely. I had no idea how i was going to walk back to the car. We did a couple of shots and headed back. There were a few people walking around and to make it worse the other wedge started ungluing as well. Thankfully no one noticed or at least they didn't make it obvious that they did. but I still felt pretty embarrassed because I mean who wouldn't. Regardless, my brother and I had a good laugh, it now became a funny memory of us together. 

Now the question is, should I wear this top again? Would you wear it again or would you get rid of it? 

I actually really like this top. I love the lace and I don't wear yellow very often. I would love it even more if it wasn't so loose but for me its not a big deal. Its kind of the perfect top to wear when you know you are going to eat a feast. 

To clear everything about the wedges, I really dont think what happened has anything to do with the brand or material. I believe this happened because these wedges have been seating in my closet for about a year without being touched at all. I bought them early last year wore them once or twice right when I bought them and then they just sat in my closet. I actually have no idea why this happens but I do know that other pairs of shoes I own have had similar outcomes when they just sit there in my closet with out being used. It had just never happened while I was wearing them I always noticed it before putting them on.  Moral of the story: use your shoes often, specially the wedges!


Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Sneak Peak

Wedges: Franco Sarto