My Two Favorite Pieces this Spring

Hi there,

I want to start the month talking about my two favorite pieces this spring. This pink floral off the shoulder top and these distressed high waisted jeans.


High Waisted


Skinny Jeans

have probably my favorite kind of jeans to wear for a long time. I recently tried this brand and I am even more in love with them now. Can't stop wearing them! Most of the jeans that I have purchased from this brand have a light feel to them. They are made with a thin denim fabric with lots of elasticity.  A lot of the time when I try jeans with a lot of stretchyness in them they tend to not be as flattering or last a long time. They sometimes get small stretched out pockets in them over time. I am not going to lie I have only been using this brand for about a month, but as of today I have no complaints. They are flattering and super comfortable. They fit just how I like them to. Love love love them, and the ones on this picture are my favorite of all the ones I found. The brand is Sneak Peak.

I checked online to see where you can find them and Buckle has a selection of them as well as Amazon and Bluefly. We also carry them at Roperito Boutique but they are only available at our location at the moment. This post is definitely not sponsored in any way, I just really loved them and wanted to share affordable and flattering jeans with you. They are normally in the $30-$40 dollar range and all of their clothing is pretty good quality not just the jeans.


off the shoulder


I know this top is not new here on the blog, which is why it is here today again. It really is my favorite. I wore it to my last trip at the beginning of the year to the Riviera Maya and I continue to wear it often. 

I love the fit, style, colors and print. My favorite way to wear it is with light high waisted distressed jeans. I love the colors and print because they just scream spring. Its lively, feminine and sexy.

I got it where I work and we actually still have a few left. So, if you like it head over there to get yours before they are gone. Its only $14 



Outfit Details:

Top: Roperito Boutique

Jeans: Sneak Peak

Sandals: Madden Girl