Cartagena Hotel Reviews

Cartagena Hotel Reviews

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As you may know from my previous post I went to Cartagena for my birthday. I want to share with you my experience in the two hotels I stayed at, incase you are planning on going to this beautiful city and are looking for recommendations.

Hotel Casa Pizarro

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This boutique hotel was so beautiful, I loved everything about it! At first when you arrive and are looking for it, it's easy to miss because it doesn't have a big sign and there is a big tree right in front of it, but once I walked it felt like an oasis. The decor is very pretty. As you walk in you see the receptionist and the beautiful pool. During our stay there we enjoyed the pool a couple of times and usually it was empty or there was one other person there. It also has a beautiful terrace that we always had all to ourselves. Perfect place to relax and rest after a long day of walking around in Old Town Cartagena. Our stay did include breakfast but we actually never got to the terrace on time to enjoy it, but next time we will for sure.

Photo Credit:  Casa Pizarro

Photo Credit: Casa Pizarro

The Room

We booked a doublebed room (these are two twin beds put together) , it was perfect for my boyfriend and I. Our bed was very firm, I was okay with it although I prefer something a little softer. I have a thing for wardrobes and I loved the one me room had. The only things I didn't like in this hotel were our room door and window shutters because you were able to hear everything that was going on outside. The hotel itself is very quiet, we never had a noise issue due to the doors. I guess that my concern was for my privacy, I felt like the people passing by would be able to hear our conversations as they passed by our room. Other than that I loved everything.

The Service.

Reception at Casa Pizarro (Photo Credit  Casa Pizarro )

Reception at Casa Pizarro (Photo Credit Casa Pizarro)

The customer service in this hotel was the best! I would definitely stay here again because of the amazing service. All the staff was always happy to help and give us suggestions and tips for everything from safety, to where to eat, tour, dance and just enjoy our stay in Cartagena. I would stay here again without a doubt! Ruby and the rest of the staff made me feel safe, at home and welcomed.

Holiday Inn Boca Grande

Photo Credit:  Holiday Inn Express

Photo Credit: Holiday Inn Express

As I walked into Holiday Inn I felt relieved and safe after our experience with the first taxi driver in Cartagena (read story here). This hotel has a security at the door at all times it is clean and just what we expected. It also had a pool, it was at the rooftop. We didn't get to use it because the sun was too strong one of the times we went up there.

The Room

Our room was perfect for both my boyfriend and me. The bed was not as firm as the one at Casa Pizarro which is something I actually liked. Here we felt like we had a bit more privacy, probably because the door was normal and we didn't really hear much going on outside of our room.

The Service

The service overall was good. They are polite and professional at the front desk but I think they could improve just because we were never told about the breakfast that was included as well as how to operate the elevator which needs your room key to let you access your floor and we were also not told that we needed to insert the key into a slot to be able to use the air conditioner in our room. These were minor things that we were able to figure out right away but it would have been nice if they would have mentioned them. I do have to say that the service at the breakfast room is amazing! Everyone was very nice and attentive specially the manager.

I would stay at the Holiday Inn in Boca Grande again but I honestly like Casa Pizarro a lot more. I hope you find this review helpful if you are planning on traveling to Cartagena.





P.S. I would say casa Pizarro is perfect for solo travelers or couples and Holiday Inn is great for families.