90 Day Challenge Again

Hey there,

I am doing my 90 day challenge once again. If you don’t know what my 90 day challenge is let me tell you about it. In this 90 day challenge I strive to wear a different outfit every single day of the 90 days. My goal is to not repeat any item because I tend to wear a lot of basics and I also tend to repeat the same clothes over and over again. I get attached to the clothes that I love and I forget about other items that are in my closet. My goal is to wear as much of what I have in my closet as possible because. For this occasion jackets might be repeated because I am always so cold and even though I will try my best not to repeat them I know that will be impossible specially when I go to work. But other than than my daily outfits shall all be different.

I am doing this challenge because it encourages me to have a little more fun with my outfits as well as be more creative as opposed to always wearing basics. Wish me luck this is hard for me because I love to wear a number of jeans on a regular basis.

Yesterday was my first day and this is what I wore. A lot of what I will share are items that have been in my closet and are not necessarily available for sale but I will do my best to share similar items I find online with which you could recreate the look if you like.

See by Chloe Purse

Let’s talk about my outfit a little… I loved it. Its such a good feeling when you wear something you feel super comfortable with and it is not sweat pants lol. Yesterday I was really loving this outfit, it had been a while since I last wore these corduroy pants. I had forgot how much I liked them. These are pretty old but I found some that look exactly the same I will link them below. I paired it with another really old piece in my closet. I have tried getting rid of this top a couple of times but somehow it always makes it back into my closet. I think it’s a timeless piece that is perfect for winter season.

I am going to tell you a little secret, since I am always cold I often have to bundle up with big bulky items or layer up. Over the years I have mastered the art of layering and since I knew I was going to be outdoors yesterday I decided to layer up. Yup! I know you can’t tell, right? I am wearing a long sleeve under my top. In order for layering to not make me feel or look bulky or thinker I always look for thing long sleeves and they always help. I tend to wear lots of tops that are made with modal under. These types of tops are pretty seamless, they are stretchy and most of the time they don’t rise up or move around; there is always the exception and when this happens I try to tuck them into my panties if possible. I love layering with these tops under because they allow me to wear something I love and feel confident with, without ruining or changing my outfit.

Patricia Nash Boots
Outfit of the day inspiration
Casual outfit leopard print

Last things I want to talk about are my purse and shoes. I love this purse, crossbody are my go to at the moment and this one is the perfect size. It’s actually very spacious. It is from the SEE by Chloe Collection.

The Shoes

These boots are my favorite shoes to wear at the moment. I am so in love with them! The are super comfortable and I just love the style. I will be linking them below. Sorry for the quality of the pictures this time.




P.S. This post was not sponsored by asos I just happened to find so many items I liked from there.