What to wear under: An open back top/dress

Hello Hello,

Welcome to this new series!

During spring and summer one of the most recurring questions I get asked is: “what do I wear under this?” This specially happens with open back pieces, plunging neckline pieces or see through ones.


As you may know during the weekends I work in retail, as a women’s clothing sales associate. To be honest I had no clue so many women didn’t know what to wear under such pieces, which is why I decided to start this series.

Open back dresses and tops are my FAVORITE! I honestly don’t know why but I love them, so I had to learn what to wear under as soon as I bought my first one. I had a little trouble because I was not used to not wearing a traditional bra but I easily adjusted to the options available because they worked and are super comfortable. I recommend buying a good quality sticky bra and taking good care of it; like cleaning it correctly and storing it correctly. In my experience it has made a huge difference in the way they make you feel and look, as well as their durability and number of times you can wear them.

If you are not sure about how you will feel or if you will like it and don’t want to spend full price you can find more accesible options on eBay and Amazon, but I will say the quality is different. I have found that its a hit or miss and they are often a lot thinner but they do work and will last a few times if they are taken care of properly.


Silicone Backless Bras

I have two favorite sticky bras, one is a silicone sticky bra which I purchased at Victoria Secret. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on the website but as soon as I do will revise this post and link it. It was a transparent silicone sticky bra pretty thick silicone which in my case was a huge plus since I am pretty small in this area. I believe it was one of the most durable ones I have owned, the sticky part was long lasting and not painful at all when taking it off. I have experienced some that can be too sticky and hurts a bit when peeling it off.

The first option below is my favorite king of backless bra to wear, the following two options are options I found I would love to try and seem to have decent reviews for my chest size. I shared a link to nipple covers because I think these are a good option to have as an emergency in case my backless bra is not feeling sticky or comfortable anymore.


Fabric Stick On Bras

The other one that I absolutely loved and was the longest lasting was a fabric one. This one wasn’t as thick but it was definitely secure and did not move or show at all. I prefer the ones that are cups that can be put on individually and be attached at the middle; for both silicone and fabric sticky bras.


In my opinion the sticky bras that look like a butterfly and are laced in the middle are better for a bigger bust, like the last one I linked above. I bought both silicone and fabric I really wanted to like them but I personally didn’t like them because my size, A cup, was big on me and would show on most on my tops and dresses. But I do feel they would add a nice list for a bigger bust size.

I am recommending these options based on my body type and chest size, I am pretty small and often insecure about looking flat chested when I wear open back pieces and these options have allowed me to wear open back items securely and confidently. I feel like I can continue talking about this on and on but I think I shared with you the most important info. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below or send me a message you prefer that.