Travel Diary: Utah

Hi there, how are you?

I just came back from Salt Lake City, Utah, yesterday and although I was a bit hesitant about doing a travel diary for this trip. I decided to just do it and share my favorite pictures on here.

I was there for a few days to celebrate my boyfriends birthday. If you have been following along you know that we love to celebrate our birthdays by going on a small getaway. This time we chose Utah. The truth is that we wanted to go somewhere else but it was not ideal due to weather conditions. We also knew we wanted to go to a Romeo Santos concert, so we started checking where he was having one and the options were either Orange County (yes that’s where I live), Las Vegas or Salt Lake City. Since we wanted to go on a getaway OC was not really an option, and we just went to Vegas in July and in February this year so our option was Salt Lake City, Utah. We thought this concert was the perfect excuse to go there and explore a new city!

We arrived early in the morning and we were pretty excited to start exploring Utah. We took an uber to our car rental office and when we got there I did not have a very good feeling. My boyfriend opened the door to the office and saw two guys remodeling the entire place, he didn’t see anything there it was not an office, just a huge open space with construction equipment. He closed the door and told me “I think we are at the wrong place.” We went around the building and well there was no other entrance, so we checked again hoping the office was temporarily taken to a different room. It wasn't! In the mist of all of the dust and smell of cement there was a desk all the way at the corner with another person talking to the car rental representative. We felt a relief, but only for about two minutes because when we talked to the representative she told us they were out of cars. Yeah! They had no cars available for us even though we had placed a reservation for one. We couldn’t believe it! They took our reservation without having enough inventory on hand and all she told us was that we should have read the small fine print because it states that they may not have a car. Whats the point of making a reservation?

We checked at the airport to see the rates for the car rentals from there and every rental company was completely booked. What are the odds of these?

Next time we book a car rental we will be calling maybe a day or two before we arrive at our destination to confirm our reservation and ensure everything goes according to plan; or at least to have a little extra time to make any necessary changes.

We really didn’t know what to do at this point, we were hungry hadn’t had breakfast, had our luggage with us, our Airbnb checkin wasn’t until 3:00 pm and we had no car. We really didn’t want this to ruin our day, we didn’t let it ruin our mood but it did ruin the plans for the day. We were super lucky to have a great hostess and she let us check in early so we went straight to our Airbnb. We spent the the majority of the day trying to figure our car situation and the charges made to our credit card for the car rental. We found a car we could pick up the next morning.

Finally time to eat, we decided to walk to Target and grab everything we needed to make dinner and breakfast for the next morning. We ended day one with pasta and a movie minus the wine (we couldn’t find any at the grocery stores we went to.)

Temple Square
Salt Lake City Utah

On day two we woke up early, picked up our car rental and started exploring downtown. Downtown is beautiful! We walked through Temple Square and its beautiful garden. I have to be honest about my experience and I hope I don’t offend anyone because I don’t have any bad intentions but simply share my experience. I loved the way Salt Lake City looks, its a beautiful place but I have to be honest, I did not feel comfortable walking around. The people walking were super nice for the most part, its a peaceful and safe place. I just felt out of place, I felt uncomfortable walking the streets of downtown with a crop top. Its hard to explain because it wasn’t insecurity that I felt. I felt more like I didn’t belong and I was doing something very inappropriate. I really tried not paying attention to this feeling but it was very noticeable that I stuck out like a sore thumb, at least for me and my boyfriend, it was. Most women much more covered up. After walking some more through downtown we decided to continue exploring the city in our car, for a little longer before heading to the Great Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City Utah Travel Diary

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Top: Charlotte Russe

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Sandals: Madden Girl

Cross Body: Born

Great Salt Lake, Utah

The Great Salt Lake, there were not very many people, it was nice! We walked a bit, took some pictures and headed home to start getting ready for the concert that night. But, first we stopped at Great Harvest Bread Co for a sandwhich and some amazing bread. I totally recommend this place, we built our own sandwiches which was fun but best of all they were super fresh. Delicious! If you try it don’t leave without trying and buying bread. We bought a pumpkin chocolate chip bread and it was amazing. I wish I would have gone back to try the cookies and a cinnamon bread I tried while I was there.

It was time for the concert! I had a blast, you can check my insta story highlights for a glimpse of the concert and my trip.

Maverick Stadium Romeo Santos

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Top: Seduction

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Shoes: Steve Madden

Day four we decided to go to Arches National Park and it was an amazing decision. We drove about three and a half hours to and back and it was definetly worth it. These arches and natural rocks are very impressive. The closer you get the more beautiful they look. Nature has a way of bringing peace and happiness in to your soul.

Moab, Utah

The pictures don’t do these arches and rocks justice. I would love to come back and hike all of the trails. We had not planned on coming here during this trip, we just decided to go on this adventure very lat minute. Next time I will be bringing my hiking shoes and outfit and do as many of the trails as I can.

Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Travel Diary Utah
Travel Arches National Park
Moab Utah
Arches National Park

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Dress: Eyeshadow

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Utah National Park

The last day we decided to stay in and enjoy our company and Airbnb. This was a great trip despite some of the things we experienced we both enjoyed our trip to Utah very much. We left relaxed and super happy, ready to work hard to soon go on our next adventure. Where should I go next? What is your favorite place you have traveled to?



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