What would you risk everything for?

After what feels like an eternity I am back! I have been gone for a little less than a month and it is not due to lack of motivation, just not enough time in the day sometimes. Today I want to change it up a bit, and I want to ask you a couple of questions instead of talking about my outfit since its sold out.

The first questions are: how far will you go for your dreams, wants or desires? What are you willing to do to get what you want?  What are you willing to risk everything for? 

This week the word risk was very present in my life. Although I was never afraid of it in a professional level or business atmosphere, (it actually excited me a lot and pushed me to move forward, to try more things and to be more open minded); on a personal level I never really thought about it until this week.

"What are you willing to risk everything for?" 

When you don't really stop to think about it, this question almost feels small and harmless. But OH BOY, does it weigh? This question is heavy! Specially  when you are phasing the most unexpected decisions to make.

So, what would you risk everything for? 

  • Family
  • Love
  • Career
  • Goals/ Dreams
  • Financial Stability 
  • Economic Status
  • Other 

I think this is the kind of question that is really good food for the brain. It allows us to stop and really think about life and how we choose to live it.  It also humbles us, allows us to focus more and motivates us to continue to work towards that (what ever it is we are willing to risk it all for) even harder and more fearlessly. 

I hope this questions triggers a little spark to cherish life more and continue to work to better what ever it is that you would risk everything for.