Mini Roadtrip Along Pacific Coast Highway

I finally took a weekend day off! I was super excited because I normally work all weekends, so one day off during the weekend is really nice.

My boyfriend and I decided to do a mini Roadtrip (if you can call it that) along PCH starting from Santa Monica. 

The plan was to stop wherever was the most attractive to us and get breakfast, lunch and dinner. We didn't quite stop for breakfast lunch and dinner but we did stop for drinks and really good snacks.

First stop was Malibu, we hung out for a bit and took some pictures and continued driving. 


Our second stop was Matador Beach. Loved it! Would have probably stayed longer and changed into my bikini if it wouldn't have been as gloomy but none the less we enjoyed it a lot.

The beach is defiantly the place that brings this smile in my face. 

The beach is defiantly the place that brings this smile in my face. 

Matador Beach

Before I continue talking about the other places we stopped at can we talk about this skirt. I got it at H&M . Honestly I am still not super comfortable with big prints like this one, they are normally the first things I go to but as soon as I tried it on I knew it had to be mine. So perfect for all summer long. What I love about it is that, I think I looks great dressed up a little with heals as well as with a more casual look like with sandals. So good for this summer.

PCH Roadtrip
Pacific Coast High way
Matador Beach

Our next stop was the Ventura Pier. At that time we were starting to get a bit hungry so we had some snacks at the closest restaurant, located just where the pier starts. The place is called The Deck at Eric Ericsson's Fish Co.. We found it a bit confusing when we walked into the restaurant because there is a restaurant below and no signs for the restaurant above or anything that explains they are two different places but they have the menus for both pretty close by. We did try both places and they were both pretty good. We would definetly go back to both.

Downstairs we tried the cauliflower tots and we really liked them. They were freshly made and full of flavor. I also tried a lavender lemonade, I thought they were making it there so I was a bit disappointed when they gave me a bottle but it was actually really good. (I forgot to take pictures there oops).

Once we finished the cauliflower tots we went upstairs, there we tried the fries below. They were amazing! They had pineapple, bacon, avocado and an aioli sauce on top. We just codlin't stop eating them. The portion is good for two, we were stuffed after this. I also ordered an alcoholic drink and my boyfriend a beer. I ordered my drink because I was very curious because it was made with cucumber, hibiscus and lime. I had never tried an alcoholic drink with hibiscus so I was intrigued and even though it was not as sweet as most of the drinks I normally order I loved it.

The Deck at Eric Ericsson's Fish Co Ventura

We went for a walk before heading to our next stop Butterfly Beach. I think this was our favorite beach. It as so calm, quite, relaxing and pretty empty. Maybe there wasn't a lot of people because of the gloomy day but we loved it. We walked and if the sun would have been out I think we would have just stayed there the whole day.

Our final stop was Santa Barbara. There we walked at the pier and had two drinks at Moby Dick Restaurant and called it a day. A beautiful day of exploring new places and trying new things. Even though I love to travel far, I also love to go explore close to home there is always hidden gems all you have to do is take a minute to explore.

Santa Barbara CA

Outfit Details

Top: Old

Skirt: H&M  

Sandals: Mila Paoli 


The Deck at Eric Ericsson's Fish Co

Move Dick