Favorite Items From My Favorite Sale: Victoria's Secret Semi-annual Sale

Favorite Items From My Favorite Sale: Victoria's Secret Semi-annual Sale

Guess what?? If you didn't know already the Victoria's Secret Semi-annual sale is happening right now and this is probably my favorite sale of all time. I can't not say I get this excited for any other sale, and that is why I decided to share my favorite items here on the blog.

I can honestly say all of these items are currently on my shopping cart and although I would love to purchase them all and keep everything I bought yesterday at the store, I will not be able to. This is one of the most heart breaking moments, because I have to decide on the items I love the most. DECISIONS DECISIONS... Anyways, in the mean time I decide, look through my favorite items. Let me know which ones are your favorite?

I think if you ask me today, lingerie and undergarments are my favorite things to buy? What do you like to buy more than anything else?



High waisted ones are my favorite right now. I didn't find many online but I went yesterday to one of the stores and found a lot. I will be making sets with some of the bustiers shown above.


So in love with these! Decisions, decisions.


Now that I have been concisely working out I am a lot more into buying workout leggings and sports bras, tops not so much but I definetly love all these four items.


I normally am not a big fan of pajamas, but this jumpsuit. This one I love! The other pieces are perfect for lounging and wearing while I work infront of the computer all day.

Well I hope you like some of the items I shared and if you do I hope you can find your size if you decide to purchase because this blogpost would have been a lot longer if I would have found my size in everything I liked.