I got pearls on my jeans
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Hey there,

Lately I have been inundated with work and unfortunately haven't been able to post as often. I will do my best to post more often, I had a little bit of time so I am sharing some pictures from a shoot I did with Roperito Boutique.

I loved these jeans, so comfortable and pretty! I also love the top because even though on here it seems like a simple button up its actually pretty long which makes it super versatile. I love it as a cover up and it can also be worn as a light jacket. It even has pockets! The material is thin but not very see through, of course my rule of thumb when wearing white is always wear nude color undergarments. It makes all of the difference!

Roperito Boutique
white button down
Jeans with pearls
Guess Pumps
Jeans with pearls
white button down
Silver hoop earrings
Jeans with pearls
Sneak peak Jeans
White button down
Sneak peak jeans with pearls
Guess Heals
Long Beach CA
Roperito Boutique
Long beach CA
Peals on jeans
Trendy outfit
Everyday outfit

Outfit Details: 

Top: Roperito Boutique

Jeans: Sneak Peak

Shoes: Guess