Motivation Monday Series

Today's Motivation Monday Series was inspired by the feeling of being scared and the word fear. We often stop ourselves from doing things we want to do or achieving goals we highly desire due to being scared. Sometimes its being scare of the outcome, being scared of failing, being scared of being judged or seen in a different way or simply having fear of the unknown.

The truth is that many of us doubt ourselves more than we should and we convince ourselves that we are not capable, and we do all of this because we are scared. I came across these quotes that encourage me to continue to fight and continue to work towards my goals regardless of the fears or insecurities I may have. I hear that being a little scared is always good, it pushes you to actually perform well. So when you are a little scared remember these quotes maybe they'll help to turn that scary filling in your gut into motivation and determination to achieve what you really want. Don't ever let fear stop you!



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motivational quote
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Motivational quote
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