Favorite Matte Lipsticks
Wearing Maybelline's Amazonian

Wearing Maybelline's Amazonian

Today I want to talk about my favorite lipsticks. But before, I must confess. I never really liked lipstick. Actually, I kind of really hated them. I don't wear makeup on on every day basis, the only thing I wear every day is mascara and of course my skin care. I only put on makeup for pictures and on special occasions, dinners or outings; but even then I wear light make up. 

I hated lipsticks because I never applied it right. This is actually really embarrassing because I always thought -at my age who doesn't know how to apply lipstick. But yeah that was/is ME! I gave up until my brother got me an Ipsy subscription. I think everyone in my family secretly knows I am not good at buying makeup and when I try I take hours and come out of the store empty handed. That has been one of the best gifts I've received.

In this subscription I discovered the first lipstick I ever fell in love with. It was the perfect color. It didn't smudge, which is another reason why I hated lipsticks. If I actually actually applied it correctly and left it on I would eventually end up with lipstick somewhere outside of my lips; like my cheek or even my forehead. Yeah that happened, and of course I completely stoped trying them after this. 

I tried this CAILYN PURE LUST EXTREME MATTE TINT + Velvet that came in my Ipsy subscription. First, I applied it correctly on the first try and then as soon as it dried OMG it did not smudge! It stayed on for hours! I was actually excited and started wearing it more often and then I ran out of it. But it gave me the confidence to want to try them again. After trying lots of them again I finally found another one I loved. Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink. So I thought I would share my favorite shades so far but I still have a few in mind that I want to try but can never find when I go to the store.

My favorite colors are nude blush tones but I also like some with more of brown orange undertone.  



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