Guide for Dress Shopping

The color of the day today is Green. 

I gotta say I fell madly involve with this dress the minute I saw it but for some reason it got lost in my closet and well I didn't end up wearing it until many months later. Ooops! I hate it when this happened to me and I have to admit it happens more often than I would like but now I am trying to be better at it, we'll see how it goes in the future.

Three things I loved about the dress: 

1. The color- I've never owned anything this color before.

2. The length- I love short dresses!

3. The fit- If its short its gotta be on the loose side but without loosing shape.

Whenever you are dress shopping if you hit the three points above, it means you gotta buy the dress! Do not walk away from it, you will regret it! Okay maybe you will maybe you won't, I know I have. Anyways, when it comes to dress shopping these points are essential. Of course, the three points have to be customized to your liking; for example it could be your favorite color, the perfect length you feel comfortable with and love all the time and the fit has to accentuate your body type.

I hope these tips help when shopping for dresses this spring and summer.

Forever 21
Coach boots

Outfit Details

Dress: Forever 21

Earrings: Forever 21

Boots: Coach


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P.S. Sorry for the quality of the photos. I really don't like the quality but I did like the picture and I love love this dress.