Lavender The Color OF THE SEASON
Lavender, Spring 2018 Color



This spring and summer one of the most if not the most prominent color will be lavender, and I am so in love with it. I find it a little weird that this season I love it so much because this is definitely not a color that I naturally gravitate towards. I am not quite sure why, maybe because its also not a color that you see often in stores, but I have a good feeling that this season thats about to change.

Last week as I was searching for items on last weeks posts I came across many lavender items I really liked, thats why I felt the need to do this post. 

Reasons to love this color in spring:

  • Its fresh
  • Its feminine 
  • Its romantic
  • Its elegant
  • Its delicate
  • It was all over spring runways
  • Looks great on everything (sharing lots of items below with you)

I love that it is not pink and it is not purple, its just in between. I also love that this color is lively but its not to bright, it does not demand attention like a hot pink but it is also not dull where you would not even notice it, its graceful. I can continue but I think those reasons are good for now. 

Below I want to share links to the items I am really into as well as my outfit. Can you believe This top has been sitting in my closet for three years and this has been the third time I wear it? I think, 2018 will be its year! I will be wearing it a lot more this year, I already have different ideas of how to style it. 

Spring 2018, lavender, coat backpack
converse, celebrity pink, spring time

Outfit Details:

Top: Roperito Boutique

Jeans: Celebrity Pink

Watch: Coach

Backpack: Coach

Shoes: Converse

spring color, lavender, coach



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