Recap Outfits in Riviera Maya

Recap Outfits in Riviera Maya

This outfit was one of my favorites! This outfit was planned months ago, the day I got this top I knew it was to bring on this trip. The shorts seem to be going with me to every beach trip I go to. If you have seen my other travel diaries you must have seen them on my Cartagena trip. They are my favorite! You may wonder where that blue button up is from, its from my boyfriend's closet actually luggage haha to see the face on him when I asked him if I could wear it. That was priceless! The cutest! I could see he wanted to say no, I was going to ruin one of his nicest outfits but he didn't. I love him so much for this! This may be stupid for some people but this is the first time I actually take anything from his wardrobe and it was very nice of him not only because he was letting me borrow it but because he hates oversized things on me. Anyways, back to the outfit below Ill share the details and similar items as well.

Outfit Details:

Top: House of Three

Shorts: H & M

Shirt: Boyfriend's 

Sandals: Steve Madden


Necklace: Banana Republic


Outfit Details:

Romper: H& M

Sandals: XOXO


This bathing suit is my favorite! I actually got this bathing suit last minute because I waited to shop for bathing suits and there were non in stores in the begging of January of course so two days before my trip I went on Amazon and found many but loved this one. When I shop for bathing suits I often have a hard time finding the right one, so I was very nervous when ordering this one because well I had no clue if it was actually going to fit correctly. When I opened the package I realized it was not padded! This is a big deal for me because I am very small and feel uncomfortable without any sort of padding. Regardless I tried it on and OMG! I was pleasantly surprised I loved it! I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I definitely recommend this one I will link it below.

Outfit Details:

Bathing Suit: Amazon


This was a very last minute outfit I actually shot this for work (Roperito Boutique) the day before my trip and had to get it. These are the first high waisted jeans I get with a rigid denim and I loved them. They were absolutely perfect that night because this was the night I ate non stop and these were perfect for food baby belly. Unfortunately I can't find the exact ones but I will link similar ones below.

Outfit Details:

Top: Roperito Boutique

Jeans: C'est Toi

Sandals: Steve Madden



Outfit Details:

Bathing Suit Top: Target

Bathing Suit Bottom: Billabong

Bathing Suit Cover up: Forever 21


This last outfit, I could not leave the Riviera Maya without wearing it. I loved the skirt the second I saw it! I will tell you this skirt is hard to get in to because It has absolutely no stretch. I must confess I put it on and took it off through my head (if that makes sense) because it wouldn't go up through my hips. I guess when you really want something you always find the way!

Outfit Details:

Top: Victoria's Secret

Skirt: Unknown (doesn't have a brand)

Sandals: XOXO