Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine's day is here! To be honest with you I have never been a huge fan of celebrating Valentine's Day in general but specially on February 14th, or at least in the typical way. You know with flowers, chocolate and a dinner at a nice restaurant. 

My mom thinks I'm weird, but I have done dinner at a nice restaurant with my boyfriend twice and both times I hated it. I just didn't feel comfortable, there were strangers so close to us it felt like I didn't have personal space. Also I couldn't have an intimate conversation with my boyfriend with out the people next to us hearing everything. That was one year and the next time we went to a restaurant, we sat at a big round table like if we were at a wedding/ quinseanera but instead of dining with people we knew we were dining with complete strangers/ On top of that there were little kids running and screaming around the entire room. Don't get me wrong I love kids, but not in my romantic dinner with my boyfriend. These two incidents happened at nice restaurant that wanted to pack every inch with as many people as possible. I get it there are tons of people wanting to have a romantic dinner with their significant other and maybe the restaurants want to accommodate as many as possible or they simply want to make as much money as possible on this date; regardless of which it is, this is neither sexy or romantic. I will pass every single year.

If you checked out my previous post about outfits you know I prefer to cook dinner. The times we have chosen to do this we have had the best time. In fact the first time we celebrated Valentine's like this, has to be one of my most memorable nights with my boyfriend. 

But I have to tell you I don't cook every year, there have been years where we don't even see each other on Valentine's day, and yes I am perfectly fine with it. I prefer to celebrate our love through out the entire year and not only one day of the year. This year is going to be one of those years when we don't hang out due to our busy schedules. But I won't lie we just came back from Las Vegas and Valentine's was the reason for our weekend getaway.


The Plan...

is to spend Valentine's Day with me, myself and I and this furry guy next to me.


I decided to write this post because I often hear how so many people dread this day, and yes I know I am in a relationship and maybe I shouldn't say anything but I have also spent this day on my own. It really breaks my heart to hear that so many people feel so depressed on Valentine's day. I don't know what it is about me, but I have not given this day much importance, when I say this I am talking about every Feb. 14th I spent alone before having a boyfriend. It never really hit me in a bad way or maybe I just didn't allow it, mentally, I don't know. But this year I have had the urge to celebrate but I knew I was going to be alone. So I decide to come up with something that I would do for myself. So, the big PLAN is to stay in, wear these super comfy sweats I found in the kids section, make some popcorn, drink a glass of wine an watch a movie. I am really going to try to make this happen because I don't have a lot of time for myself so this Valentine's night will be dedicated to relaxing and having a good time. I haven't seen my best friend in maybe two months so there is a very high chance I will invite her over if she doesn't have plans. If it is not a me night it could be a girls night! Voila, just like that Valentine's Day is a success!


I guess what I wanted to say with all this ranting was that if you don't have any fancy plans its okay! This is the day of "LOVE", so if there is no plans and you want to have plans make them! Make them with yourself, with a friend, or with the person you love. Just make sure it fills your heart with happiness. This day is not meant to be bitter, angry or sad. Yes, I know I know coming from someone who is in a relationship is probably not the best advise to hear but I am only speaking from what I have felt in my heart before and maybe I haven't felt what you are feeling. But I know that all I want is happiness and the only person who is in control of what makes me happy and what I want is ME! Therefore this Valentine's night I choose to watch EAT PRAY LOVE, have a relaxing night and not be sad because I won't see my boyfriend. 


Another thing, sorry not sorry this continues. If you have a boyfriend like mine that often does not remember these dates, have patience and take control. This is your time to shine!  Show him exactly what you like and how you like to celebrate (Tip: It helps a lot if you don't rub it in that they forgot a special occasion). I am a firm believer in showing and not telling or demanding things, specially when it comes to romantic nights. I have showed him what I really like and now we have these type of nights any time of the year not just on special occasions and not just planned by one of us. The best part is that we both know what each other likes and try to make it better every time. I think that is what love and a relationship is about both being involved not only expecting from one person in the relationship. So if you have a boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or wife- significant other you know what I mean, instead of being upset because they didn't get it right or because they forgot show them what you like, want and desire and that will be a good night for both of you. 


I think I rambled enough today I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day/Night. Sending you lots of love on this Feb. 14th.






P.S. I am not an expert at advising specially in the subject of "LOVE" read at your own risk.