Are you a dreamer?

I am definitely a dreamer and I have always been. I am always thinking about the future and looking towards it, but I try not to take my eyes away from the present. Dreaming always but also trying to enjoy every minute I can. I think this is important, sometimes we can get distracted from the reality and miss important things, events, opportunities and memories. 

What do you dream about?

I dream about.... traveling the world but also about having a family, a satisfying lifestyle as well as (a) job(s)/ career plus much more but I can list them all. Some are a little crazier than others but for now I will all about the places I dream about visiting; they are Greece, Paris, Italy, Spain, Bali, and a lot of Mexico.  Tell me in the comment box below what is your biggest dream?

We all need a little motivation sometimes so even though it is very cliche don't ever give up on your dreams. Sometimes we are put into very difficult situations that make us question whether we should continue to follow our dreams, my advice is yes continue to follow them! The fire inside of me is still ignited and no matter how many times I fall I will get up and try again and again until I succeed. Perseverance and determination are key elements in accomplishing dreams, or so I believe.


Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21 Shorts: Roperito Boutique (old), Shoes: Guess (White Version Here) (Black Here)




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