Feeling Minty + Tips for Buying Dresses


Today I am sharing something that is completely out of my comfort zone. This mint color is definitely out of my confort zone! I have to say this color is one of the last ones I ever go to in any store. I am not exactly sure why but it just is. The other day that I went to H&M I saw it and thought it doesn't hurt to try it on. I really liked the lace and the sheer shoulder but I was not convinced with the color until I tried it on. I really liked it. It was cut to give a nice shape on the body. Since my parents used to have a clothing line when they were younger they know a lot about materials and cuts so I have learned a little from them and I look at that when shopping. One tip I would give you when buying dresses is to go for a more well made dress that have a cut that accentuates your body. For example this one has two seems that start close to the armpits just below the see through shoulder section and they go all the way down to the hips. These seems help show more of an hourglass shape even if you don't have one; and if you do it accentuates it even more. In other words, its just more flattering on more body types. 

This dress is on sale and also available in black. I didn't see it at the store in black otherwise I would have bought that one as well. A girl can never have too many black dresses, right? Who's with me? No, but really it was probably a good idea that I didn't see it in black otherwise I might have not stepped out of my confort zone. I think its always a good idea to try new things, you never know you might actually really like something you never tried. I am going to try to step out of my comfort zone more often. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the pictures below.


Outfit Details: Dress: H&M  (ON SALE!) Sandals: Laidback Londondon (more here) Handbag: Marshalls