Favorite Things to Wear in Summer

Hey guys,

Today I want to share something I do a lot during summer when it comes to choosing my outfits; and that is wearing and focusing on choosing one piece garments.Summer is probably the only time of the year when I do this almost on a daily basis, This started unconsciously but I realized it saves so much time when choosing my outfit  in the morning that I now often look for dresses, rompers and jumpsuits before anything else when shopping for summer clothes.

I do have to say I am very picky when it comes to choosing these items. I think everyone has to be picky when it comes to choosing new clothes because you are the only one that knows what works best for your body and your own comfort level. I make sure it fits correctly, meaning it is the right size, and is flattering. I look for pieces that accentuate what I am okay with showing or want to show and hides what I don't want to show. It doesn't matter how cute or inexpensive it is if it doesn't fit right it is not worth it for me. I also make sure I am very comfortable with it. I don't necessarily mean slouchy and baggy kind of comfortable but that I will be able to go about my day without a problem and that I will definitely feel confidant in it. I refuse to wear something thing that I have to pull and tug a million times throughout the day.

The jumpsuit I am wearing is pretty old. I noticed that when I buy something and I focus on the things I mentioned above I keep it for years. I don't keep everything for years but definitely my favorite pieces. When I wear them again years later people still ask me where I got it, to me this is a sign that it still looks good. Sometimes wearing the most current trends is cool but I think it's even cooler when you create your own style focused on what looks best on your body type and you are able to rock that 100 times better than the cool style everyone else is wearing!

Whats your favorite thing to wear during summer?

Outfit Details:  Romper- Old (Similar Here and Here ) (This one Here also available here is not very similar but I really like it) Belt- H& M (Super Old but similar hereWedges- Aldo, Earrings- Jenifer Lopez



P.S. I also prefer to wear dresses, rompers and jumpsuits during summer because its to hot to try to wear anything else.