Black Lace

Today I am sharing with you guys one of the most amazing dresses I have worn. I am so exited about it I don't even know where to start. The feeling it gives you. The fit; oh my god the fit: its comfortable, sexy, flattering, so many things in one piece. Before I go on talking like crazy about it with out making any sense let me start from the moment I saw it.

The minute I saw this gorgeous dress I love love loved it, I mean who doesn't love black lace? Right?  I noticed right away that it had an incredible silhouette. I knew it was going to be form fitting and super flattering. I loved that it is so feminine and sexy but with class and lots of elegance. Everything about this design is so tasteful: the high neckline, long sheer sleeves and the fact that it is a full length dress and of course lets not forget about the amazing lace design. It is alluring and seductive. 

In my opinion you don't always have to show lots of skin to be sexy, seductive, sensual or captivating. I think that our own personal charm shines through and radiates us when we feel good. It doesn't matter how covered or uncovered we are, our sexiness and all of the above will glow when we feel great in our own skin as well as in what we are wearing.

Don't get me wrong I like to show skin but I am a huge fan of pieces like the one featured today. Pieces like this dress are my favorite because I don't show anything yet it allow me to show everything.  

More details about the dress.

I want to talk a little more about the fit. The dress is of course fully lined and both the lace and the lining are made with a stretchy and comfortable material. The only thing that is not stretchy is the small strip around the waist. I think that it is so it maintains the form fitting hourglass silhouette in different body shapes. When a garment specially a dress has an hourglass shape due to the cut and sow process it often gives most body shapes an incredible silhouette. By the way the dress is on sale right now.

Outfit Details: Dress- Roperito Boutique, Heels- ZARA, Lipstick- Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Nosferatu (also at Sephora)