First Blog Post

The Beginning! 


My very first post, I am definitely excited, nervous and maybe a little scared at the same time. 
But I guess thats a good thing, right?

The Blog...

A Gemini's Lookbook will be mostly focused on my personal style and fashion related topics but I don't want to discard other topics that are part of my journey in this thing called life. I will discuss why I chose to focus on personal style and fashion on my next post because I felt like it needed a space of its own. For now I can tell you that my goal is to document my outfits and connect with people that may have similar interests/ideas as I do; be able to share my ideas and tips and just have a space where I can be creative and be myself. 

So a little about myself...

My name is Yerenid (yes I know a mouthful but I absolutely love the uniqueness of it). I live in Orange County, California and have lived here since I was 6 years old; I am originally from Mexico City and I have worked in the fashion industry for 12 years now. I would not change it for a minute.

Here is my outfit for today.

I loved that top the minute I saw it. It has slightly enlarged armholes with no stitching, which I really like for spring and summer looks. Its a bit boxy for me but its perfect for the days when I don't want to wear very form fitting clothes but I still want to look put together with something I like. Plus the price is amazing only $12, on sale right now! 

The jeans...It was also love at first sight. They are a bit on the shiny side because they have a wax coat to make them look almost like leather pants. Which is what I loved about them. To me, they seem a bit more breathable and wearable than leather pants on warmer days/nights, I don't know if that may just be me since I'm okay with warmer weather. This is one of my favorite jeans definitely something i will wear all year round.

Thanks for stopping by links to outfit below.

Outfit Details:

- LA Top: Roperito Boutique --Jeans: Sara & George (Similar here, here and here) -- Booties: Boutique9 -- Purse: Melie Bianco



P.S. I forgot to tell you I am a Gemini. LOL  What is your Zodiac sign?

Don't forget to come back to read my next post!