Must Have Essentials

Today I want to talk about very basic outfits that can be made a lot better by simply adding certain key pieces. 


Basics are essential necessities

I wear basics very often, maybe three times a week or so that is why I think they are essential in everyones wardrobe. Maybe I am biased because I wear them so often but I would like to tell you why they are essential. First, they are versatile, you can create so many outfits using that one basic and it won't look like you are wearing the same outfit all the time. Two: Basics are space savers. I say this because since you can create so many different outfits with one basic your closet won't get over saturated with pieces that you can only style one or two ways. Three: They are easy to go to when you are on the run. If you don't have time to style an outfit and get creative its you can create a simple, effortless, chic outfit with out much effort or time. Four: They never go out of style. One of the few pieces you can wear all year round! Five: They are usually very inexpensive, which means they are perfect if you are on a budget; but if you are not they are also perfect because you got extra money to spend on other things you love. I would spend that on shoes more often than not. 


Basics you need

The pieces that I have to have in my closet are:

  • V-necks- Black, white and gray both. Long sleeve and short sleeve
  • Crew necks Black white and gray. Short Sleeve for the most part
  • Scoop Neckline- These are not my favorite but I like long sleeves in black and gray

What to look for

When buying basics there are certain things that are super important to pay attention to. Material, fit and how it will look after you wash it. The truth is that you can find basics everywhere because so many people wear them and need them so often but your outfit dramatically changes if you pay attention to the things I mentioned - material, fit and how it will look after you wash it. 

Over the years I learned that material is such an important factor specially in  basics. I never really thought about it, I would honestly just buy the cheapest ones I found. They looked great on the first and second use but not so much after, so I tried paying more attention to what I bough and it made a huge difference.

The final outcome you want to achieve is to look polished, put together and effortless with out really trying to hard. In my experience the most flattering and durable basic tops contain a large percentage of good quality cotton, as well as spandex/elastaine and sometimes with a mix of modal, tensel or rayon. Depending on the the fit you are looking to get, for example my current favorite fitted v-necks and crewnecks have a high percentage of cotton and modal as well as a small percentage of spandex. For a loose fit and nice fall (if you know what I mean) a bit of tercel or rayon is perfect.




Crew Neck

Scoop Neck