The Art of Layering

The art of layering

Lately its been pretty cold here in Southern California. I know that for many people around the world -mid 50 to low 60 degrees Fahrenheit, is not too cold but for us this is pretty cold. 



On days like these I learned that I really needed to master layering because I get cold very easily. I actually also don't like cold weather because my body has a reaction and I get something like a rash that swells and spreads all over my body. I know it doesn't sound good so lets concentrate on the layering part of this post instead. 

In order to prevent my body's reaction, I learned that all I had to do is keep it warm; and well walking around with a blanket is not an option. This past weekend for example when I went to work it was 37 degrees fahrenheit and I work at an outdoor marketplace. Not a fun morning.

 It was actually not as bad as I thought because I prepared myself. I wore four different layers on my upper body plus some body warmers  otherwise it would have been more layers.


When it is this cold, I wear a long sleeve under that won't show, then whichever top I decide to wear in this case this leopard print long sleeve. Then a thin but warm sweater or in this case this sweatshirt and a jacket. In the morning when it was 37 degrees I had a bigger and warmer jacket on as well but this was my look for most of the day.

I don't like to show all of my layers all of the time because sometimes they are too many and it doesn't look right. Usually I choose my complete outfit and layer as I need depending on how cold it is. I always use tight thin basic long sleeves that won't show. If for any reason the collar is sticking out I try folding it in and if that doesn't work then I just cut it because I use these long sleeves only to for layering under my clothes. If its not cut or sowed correctly it doesn't matter because no one will see. The same goes for thin cardigans. Usually I buy the cropped ones for layering so they don't stick out of my jackets.


I see this as an art because even though in this outfit you are able to see that I am layering my sweatshirt and jacket you can not actually see all of the layers and if I wouldn't have worn the body warmers I would have worn one more thin cardigan inside my sweatshirt.

If you are like me or are ever traveling to an extremely cold place you can use this technique and still actually wear something cute. I think this gives you more options to wear pieces you really like as opposed to only big chunky sweaters and huge jackets. Hope my tips help you and hope to see you back soon.



Outfit Details

Top: Unknown (Similar Here)

Jeans: Tractr Jeans

Jacket: See Tru Soul

Sweatshirt: Claeson

Boots: White Mountain ( Similar Here)

Sunglasses: Roperito Boutique