Monday Uniform

Its the second Monday of the year, how has this year been treating you so far? I can tell you that I have a very good feeling about this year! I am excited and maybe a little scared, but I know that is okay actually I think that is really good. Like I said in one of my posts from last week its time to step out of my comfort zone. I know this outfit does not necessarily look like I stepped out of my comfort zone but here is why...

Mondays for me are about regrouping and organizing my week and the rest of the month if I didn't do it already, that is why I have to wear something that is practical and comfortable but still presentable for doing errands and whatever else I have to do. Sweats would do but I feel lazy in sweats so those are never really allowed for me if I am trying to be productive but I great alternative to sweats are jeggings which is what I am wearing. 

As a sales person I notice that people still ask me for leggings a lot and I mean a lot. Although, I will admit they are comfortable I have to argue that they usually don't make your outfit look as well put together as jeggings can. I guess what I am trying to say is that my advise is to stay away from leggings as much as possible because it is a lazy look that is not flattering or stylish. I know that they can be styled nicely but the truth is that more often then not leggings do not look good. My suggestion is to buy a couple of jeggings in different colors and your outfit will immediately look better with out trying to hard.

Below I will share a couple of different leggings as well as similar items to the ones I am wearing. The exact ones I am wearing will not be available for sale as these are items that have been in my closet for quite some time I am almost at the end of my 90 day challenge. I am so excited about it a new post will be coming your way once I finish If you dont know about my 90 day challenge read about it here.


Outfit details:

Jacket: Roperito Boutique

Top: Celebrity Pink

Jeans: Celebrity Pink

Boots: Sole Society

Belt: Micheal Khors

Sunglasses: Roperito Boutique

Watch: Micheal Khors

Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff

Earrings: Rebecca Minkoff