Halloween '17 "Adelita"

Happy Halloween!!

What did you dress up as this year?

I was "Adelita". Adelita is a representation of a female solder/woman warrior during the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900's. To be honest I don't know her whole story very well and as I search online I notice that there is a bit of confusion about her origin but not about what she did or what she represents. I thought it was pretty cool to find that she is a symbol of action and inspiration. I love that the legend says she was a brave warrior with a revolutionary spirit, who despite the struggles she faced during the Mexican Revolution she was a nurse, care giver and a soldier. She represents strength, courage and bravery. She is defineatly an inspiration!

Okay back to talking about Halloween!

Not planning on getting into another one of these ever! I was pretty uncomfortable, I think you can see it in my face.

Not planning on getting into another one of these ever! I was pretty uncomfortable, I think you can see it in my face.

What were your plans? How did you celebrate Halloween?

My boyfriend and I go dancing every year for Halloween as many days as we can. This year we celebrated and went out on Saturday and Sunday. Plans didn't work out the way we thought but we had a great time together. On Saturday we ended up in a lounge called Boulevard 3, in Hollywood. We drank a little, danced a little, walked a little and enjoyed a lot! I only slept two or three hours that night and went to work. I was tired but it was defiantly worth it


On Sunday we weren't going out because we were tired, I had just worked a ten hour shift and didn't think my feet were going to make it but we decide to dress up in the same costume at the very last minute and we went to a place we go to often. I didn't even put make up on, just my skincare, mascara and lipgloss. This place is called Steven's Steak House. We go there for the music, we like to dance Bachata and this place has nothing but Bachata and Salsa. It was perfect for us. I was able to dance longer than I thought. I had an amazing time! I am already looking forward to next year. 


About my costume...

This is my absolute favorite costume I have ever worn. It was home made, sorry I don't have a link to where you can buy it. I was able to accomplish this look and entire costume thanks to the help of my parents and boyfriend, they all had important part in completing it. 



To make this outfit I started by buying a little girls dress. Yeah! We cut it to make a crop top and used the rest of the dress to make the skirt. My mom helped me make alterations to the top, like the adding the hemline as well as elastic and making the top ruffle thinner. 

For the skirt I bought a petty coat at a halloween store, you can also find them in amazon and eBay. My dad helped me cut and the rest of the girls dress in two pieces and sowed it to the petticoat making sure it would have a perfect fit at my waist. 

I bought the bullets and hat on Amazon because of the 2 day shipping. My boyfriend helped me paint the straw hat black so it would look perfect with my two piece set. I already owned the hoop earrings as well as the boots. 


His Costume

My boyfriend's costume was inspired by the movie Mad Max. We have a lot of fun putting costumes together, maybe next year we make more than one. We'll see!

For his outfit we bought the bullets and wrist cuffs at amazon, the faux leather shirt on eBay and pants boots and suspenders at a thrift store. He is wearing sports protective gear under his pants to add texture to his pants.


This year's costume definitely inspired me to make more than one for next year. Happy Halloween! Stay safe, eat lots of candy and have tons of fun!