Shoes of the Day

How do you decide what to wear in the morning? 

I never really have a routine per say but I usually start with a pair of jeans in mind or a top and build from there. This time I started with the shoes!

I have owned this Franco Sarato sandals for a couple of months now but I have only worn them about three times. I loved them when i got them but I just haven't worn them for some reason, so today is their day! Time to style them and take them out for a walk!

I started with the shoes and went to select this beautiful lace top. I believe this top was from Pacsun but its pretty old so I have linked similar ones below I found two that were extremely affordable $7.90 and $9.99 and I also linked a higher end one. I've worn this top many many times, so much that I have sowed it twice to continue wearing it, I refuse to get rid of it. A lot of people wonder what I wear under this top, so thats why I am mentioning it here. I only wear a nude bra under because I like to keep it looking with only one color in the background, if that makes sense. I guess I feel like its a more polished look. I don't like that when I wear a nude tank top you can see that I am wearing a tank top, plus I don't feel like I am showing to much because it has a lot of design in my chest area. I also don't wear a tank top under because I tend to wear this top on hot days, don't know why it just happens; so the less the better for me. 

Okay back to the shoes, I love pairing this cream color with olive green so this was a no brainer for me. I also love paring these two colors with leather so I had to use my favorite belt. Its not my only belt but people sure think so because I wear it so often.

I wanted my shoes and top to stand out more so I decide to go with a basic medium to light denim for this look. To complete the look I decided to add touches of gold with my favorite accessories. Lately I have been wearing hoop earrings non-stop, I bought these on my trip to New York and I cannot stop wearing them. If you have been following the blog by now you can probably assume this is my favorite watch. 

Let me know how you start your your outfits. I think I will choose shoes first more often now!



Outfit Details

Top: Old but Similar HereHere & Here)

Jeans: Celebrity Pink (similar color Here)

Sandals: Franco Sarato

Purse: Tory Burch

Earrings: Forever 21

Watch: Fossil

Belt: H&M